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My Estes is the ultimate in convenience. With this tool, account-specific applications are right at your fingertips — in a secure environment.

My Estes Features:

  • User-friendly, easy-to-find applications created with you in mind
  • 24/7/365 secure gateway to account-specific information
  • Proactive, personal verification to ensure that access to your account is only granted to authorized individuals at your company
  • Integrated tools designed to help you avoid redundant data entry

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My Estes Applications Include:

Bill of Lading Options
Claims Filing
Claims Inquiry
Guaranteed Rate Request
Image Viewing/Faxing
Invoice Inquiry
LTL Rate Quotation
LTL Rate Quote History
Pickup Request
Shipment Manifest
Shipment Tracking (detailed)
Volume/TL Rate Request
Volume Quote History
Weight & Research Inquiry
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Technical Support Line
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Web Services and EDI
Don't forget that we also offer a variety of Web Services and EDI applications to help you eliminate manual intervention and reduce data entry.