Press Release

April 10, 2006

Estes Express Lines Announces A General Rate Increase

Our acquisition of G.I. Trucking Company was the highlight of 2005. Due to the extraordinary efforts of dedicated employees from both companies, we successfully completed our system integration on January 2, 2006.

The response of the shipping public has been both gratifying and challenging—freight volumes presently exceed those of the combined operations of Estes and G.I. during this same period last year. In order to meet this challenge, Estes will spend $140 million on additional equipment and another $30 million for terminals and technology in 2006. These investments will guarantee the reliable service and timely information you have come to expect from our company. In addition, our health insurance costs increased by 12% in the last year, while liability insurance costs rose 36%.

To support these and other requirements, it is necessary for us to implement a price increase averaging 5.5% effective April 10, 2006. Shipments moving between Estes and our ExpressLINK carriers will also receive an average price increase of 5.5%.

If you currently have a copy of our rating software, we will mail the revised rates to you. On April 10, 2006, the new rates will be available on this website. You may also obtain individual rate quotations by calling your local Estes terminal or by contacting one of our home office rating specialists at 804-353-1900, extension 2269.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Estes customer care representative or account manager. Thank you for allowing Estes Express Lines to be your transportation service provider.

Richmond, VA-based Estes Express Lines is a full-service transportation provider offering coast-to-coast North American coverage. Founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes, the company is still owned and operated by the Estes family. Estes now employs more than 12,000 people and boasts an inventory of more than 25,000 pieces of power equipment and trailers, as well as a network of 174 terminals serving 46 states and the Caribbean. Estes Express has grown from a small local carrier into one of the most respected multiregional, less-than-truckload and truckload transportation systems in the country. Beyond its direct service, the company also covers major commercial markets in Mexico, as well as all of the United States and Canada, through its membership in the ExpressLINK service network.