Press Release

August 1, 2011

Estes Express Lines Announces a General Rate Increase

Dear Valued Customer:

Companies across the nation are experiencing the rising cost of doing business, and in order for Estes to remain competitive in our industry, we find it necessary to implement a price increase averaging 6.9%, effective August 8, 2011.

The decision to increase rates was made only after careful analysis of current expenses. Equipment costs have skyrocketed in 2011, spurred by higher prices for raw materials such as metal, lubricants and rubber. For example, in just the past 2 months, tire prices have increased up to 22 percent. And when you have well over 200,000 tires on the road every day, this adds up quickly.

Premiums for basic healthcare and other insurance benefits have also risen dramatically due to legislative mandates. However, providing a comprehensive benefits package is necessary for hiring and retaining quality personnel.

In addition to maintaining a solid employee base, we feel that responsibly balancing costs and income is a vital characteristic of a stable company. This 80-year dedication to fiscal discipline is one way that we assure you of continued excellence in the form of reliability, safety, efficiency and value.

The updated rates can be accessed through your My Estes account, or they can be downloaded from our site. For individual rate quotes, simply go to My Estes, call your local Estes terminal or contact one of our rating specialists at
866-ESTES4U (866-378-3748) and press 12. As always, feel free to call your Estes sales representative with any questions.

We appreciate your understanding and thank you for allowing Estes to be your transportation service provider.

Paul J. Dugent
Estes Express Lines
Vice President, Pricing

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