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September 15, 2011

Estes Express Lines Launches E-Street Direct, First-to-Final-Mile Logistics Solution.

RICHMOND, Va.—Estes Express Lines has launched E-Street Direct, a nationwide origin-to-final-mile logistics solution.

In contrast to typical pieced-together logistics solutions supported by multiple vendors, this delivery program maintains consistent control throughout the shipment life cycle, allows customers to have complete visibility of the shipment process via integrated technology and provides flexible options for the final-mile delivery.

“E-Street Direct helps shippers create a cohesive, well-thought-out logistics plan that has the flexibility, control and visibility needed to grow their business and create a best-in-class customer experience,” said Ken Niemaseck, Vice President, Estes Integrated Solutions.

E-Street Direct’s turnkey solution tailors a logistics program to fit a vendor’s specific shipping requirements while providing the flexible delivery schedule consumers demand. Final-mile delivery options include: 4-hour delivery windows (a.m. and p.m.) with advance calling, as well as upgrades such as expedited service, room of choice, debris removal, recycling and disposal.

In addition to customized final-mile delivery service, shippers benefit from Estes’ streamlined asset-based model that shortens the life cycle of a shipment through less handling and improved on-time delivery. The typical Business to Consumer (B2C) order life cycle involves up to seven steps in the shipping process with a diminishing level of control over the merchandise. In contrast, the shipment life cycle through E-Street Direct is just four steps with continuous control and visibility throughout.

Six dedicated E-Street Direct logistics centers serve as anchors for the nationwide delivery system. By utilizing the extensive capacity of these logistics centers to cross-dock, warehouse, consolidate and deconsolidate, E-Street Direct can get shipments virtually anywhere in the mainland U.S. Using E-Street Direct-managed drivers and assets, this efficient “inner” network keeps E-Street Direct shipments separate from Estes’ general freight. The net result is fewer stop-offs, reduced handling and increased capacity for one- and two-day service. The general Estes network—that serves 100% of all U.S. ZIP codes—serves as a backup to ensure that E-Street shipments are delivered on time. To learn more about
E-Street Direct, check out

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