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April 04, 2017

Estes Establishes Direct Service to and from Canada

RICHMOND, VA—Estes Express Lines is converting its Canada service to a direct model, allowing the company to pick up and deliver Canada shipments on its own freight bill.

The new Estes Canada model allows Estes to streamline technology and create a much more efficient and cost-effective experience for customers on both sides of the border. To enable direct service, Estes Express Lines is teaming up with two well-established Canada agents—Speedy Transport and Pacific Coast Express (PCX). The new alliance will go into effect on May 22 with no service interruptions.

Estes Canada customers will work with only one carrier—Estes Express Lines—from pickup to delivery, and all freight will be delivered on an Estes delivery receipt. Canada freight will be managed as seamlessly as Estes’ domestic freight.

“The transition to Estes Canada is a logical next step as part of the company’s strategic goal to improve operations and enable Estes to deliver the same service experience customers have come to know through our U.S. domestic service offering,” said Rob Estes, president and CEO of Estes Express Lines.

“Pacific Coast Express Limited is proud to partner with Estes Express Lines, a premium carrier that shares our core values of honesty, integrity, safety, stability and service," stated Paul Flanagan, vice president, Pacific Coast Express Limited. “We are excited to work with such a highly esteemed carrier, and we know our customers will also be excited to have this great connection.”

Speedy Transport CEO Jared Martin remarked, “Estes and Speedy have been in business for a combined 162 years, and I am confident that the stability and performance of our companies will be appreciated in the marketplace. We look forward to many years of collaboration, providing industry-leading national solutions to our joint customers.”

Estes’ U.S. and Canada customers will enjoy a number of new benefits with Estes Canada. The secured portion of their website, My Estes, will have the same functionality for Canada freight as it does for domestic freight, so shipping to and from Canada will be as easy as shipping to and from points in the U.S. with all the documentation available in a single portal.

Additionally, there will now be dedicated Estes account teams in Canada to provide the same high level of service U.S. customers have come to rely on.

Freight will ship securely across the border in Estes pup and van trailers equipped with captive beams and Estes’ proprietary Webb walls. This direct method of cross-border shipping is meant to reduce handling of freight and decrease risk of damage.

“Estes Canada is something our customers have been asking for, and we are proud to have such reliable and experienced agents as Speedy and Pacific Coast Express to help us deliver the best option to and from Canada,” said Rob Estes.

About Estes

Headquartered in Virginia, Estes is a leading, full-service freight transportation provider offering a complete range of shipping solutions including LTL, time critical, volume & truckload, global and custom solutions. Founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes and still family-owned, the company is the largest privately held LTL carrier in the nation. With more than 200 U.S. terminals and a global service footprint, it is now one of the most respected total-solutions providers in the industry.

About Pacific Coast Express Limited

Headquartered in Western Canada, Pacific Coast Express Limited is part of the LandTran group of companies providing unparalleled reach and service across international borders serving Western Canada. Our versatility and international range have helped to secure our place as one of the largest integrated, regional distribution operations in Western Canada. The size and breadth of our Group also allows us to respond with the speed and flexibility our customers require. With over 70 years of transportation and delivery experience, we are proud to be industry leaders.

About Speedy Transport Group, Inc.

Speedy Transport Group, Inc., privately owned and operated in Eastern Canada since 1941, provides tailored transportation solutions throughout North America. We value maximum serviceability with minimal complexity, through our people, partners and processes. We proudly represent Speedy families, now and always, as we continue to preserve our distinct identity in the transportation industry.