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June 12, 2017

Estes Express Lines Announces 2017 General Rate Increase

RICHMOND, VA—Our most important goal at Estes is to provide our customers with reliable, timely transportation services and information. As data becomes increasingly vital for supply chain success, technology is the key to ensuring that we reach that reliable service goal every day. The general rate increase that Estes is implementing effective Monday, June 26, 2017, will help offset the rising costs of technology as well as the ever-growing costs of maintaining a stable operational structure and employee base.

The overall impact will be 4.9%. The increase will apply to shipments moving under Estes’ current EXLA 500 and 550 base rates and minimum charges within the U.S. and cross-border with Canada. Certain accessorial charges in our EXLA 105 rules tariff will also be increased at this time.

Updated rates for the EXLA 500 and 550 tariffs will be available on the Estes website’s PC Rater Download page by June 19. The new EXLA 105 Rules Tariff will post to the website on June 19, 2017. Individual rate quotes are available on, by contacting a local Estes terminal or by calling a rating specialist at 866-ESTES4U (378-3748), and pressing 12.

We appreciate our customers’ understanding as we continue to focus on a pricing discipline designed to help us provide the quality service you have come to depend upon.

About Estes

Headquartered in Virginia, Estes is a leading, full-service freight transportation provider offering a complete range of shipping solutions including LTL, time critical, volume & truckload, global and custom solutions. Founded in 1931 by W.W. Estes and still family-owned, Estes is the largest privately held carrier in the nation. The company is now one of the most respected total-solutions providers in the industry with direct service throughout all of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico through more than 230 terminals, as well as door-to-door service to and from Mexico and a global freight-forwarding service footprint.