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May 20, 2019

New Estes Website Launch

Estes is introducing an all-new website in June. The URL remains the same:

Its improved functionality, look, and feel will affect how customers and prospects do business with us, and it will also enhance our corporate brand while better conveying how Estes is an employer and freight carrier of choice.

Why are we making these changes?

Our website, a vital tool for doing business, needed to be updated in both look and functionality. And with more people doing work on mobile devices, we need a website that can work on different platforms. This is also a great way to keep our brand fresh and modern:

  • Our new design and interface match today’s industry expectations, including better responsiveness on mobile devices.
  • We are improving the customer experience for accessing our systems.
  • We are setting the stage for future website enhancements.
What are the main differences from the current site?

Our updated website will be mobile friendly, easier to navigate, have a cleaner, more visually engaging design, and provide customers with better access to resources and tools. The overhaul of reflects a considerable collaborative effort involving in-depth customer feedback and employees at every level from multiple departments.

In addition to an all-new look, the new site has a responsive design, so customers can use the site and see content on any mobile device. This means they can work from anywhere to track shipments, update their contacts, get rate quotes, and more.

We’re also enhancing the user experience in day-to-day transactions with a platform that uses the latest technology, and is more engaging and visually attractive.

The site’s modern and clean design helps customers find what they need faster. Behind the bold look of the new site are redesigned tools that are more intuitive.

What else can customers expect?

For our customers in particular, it means a better interface and user experience. Behind the new design is the full-service functionality of responsive tools and a more streamlined user experience so they can spend more time getting their products to market. It’s more intuitive and navigable to help customers find information easily.

About Estes Express Lines

The nation’s largest privately owned freight transportation carrier, Estes is a go-to provider of end-to-end transportation and custom logistics services. Through a vast regional, national, international, and global footprint, Estes’ comprehensive solutions include Less Than Truckload, Volume LTL, Truckload, Time-Critical Guaranteed, and Final Mile. Backed by nearly 90 years of industry expertise and financial stability, Estes delivers a better customer experience through flexibility and improved technology to best meet rapidly changing freight transportation needs. The Richmond, VA-based fourth-generation company operates one of the newest fleets in the industry, and understands that its nationwide team of over 18,000 employees is one of its strongest assets. To learn about careers at Estes, click here.