Q: What are accessorials?

A: Accessorials are services performed above what is considered standard. Examples of accessorials include lift-gate, inside delivery or COD service. Accessorial charges are usually in addition to standard shipment rates. Any exceptions to accessorial provisions will be noted in specific pricing agreements or contracts for individual Estes customers.

Q: Where can I find a list of Estes’ accessorials?

A: A list of accessorial charges can be found on our website on the Accessorial Charges page.

Q: How are accessorials applied?

A: Our 105 Rules Tariff contains information about how accessorial charges may be applied in Item 150.

Q: Who pays for accessorials?

A: If freight charges are prepaid, accessorial charges will be paid by the shipper or “consignor.” If freight charges are collect, accessorial charges will be paid by the consignee. When freight is received from or tendered to a connecting line, accessorial charges will be paid by the consignee. (See the 105 Rules Tariff.)

Q: What if another party has to preauthorize accessorials and accessorial payment?

A: If the shipper notes on the Bill of Lading that the accessorial service must be preauthorized, the shipper must also include the name, address, email address and telephone number of the person authorized to approve the service or payment on the BOL. Our inability to contact the appropriate party or to get a response from that party may delay the shipment, and failure to provide the appropriate contact information on the BOL will nullify the preauthorization requirement. (See the 105 Rules Tariff.)

Q: What if the shipment requires an unplanned accessorial such as a liftgate or inside delivery?

A: An additional charge may apply. If the shipment is prepaid, the driver may need to contact the terminal to get the charge approved by the shipper. The consignee may also pay the accessorial “collect.” The shipment may also need to go back to the terminal until the correct equipment and/or personnel are available and an appointment is scheduled. For additional details, contact your local terminal.