Time Critical

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Q: What does it mean when a shipment is described as “time critical?”

A: A time-critical shipment can be one that requires expedited and/or guaranteed delivery or one that needs time- or date-definite services. Estes can accommodate virtually any time-critical need for your freight.

Q: What’s so special about the Estes time-critical guarantee?

A: Estes offers the strongest guarantee available in the LTL industry. When you choose to guarantee a shipment’s delivery with Estes, you are guaranteed the shipment will be picked up on time, delivered on time, handled damage-free, invoiced accurately, and if an appointment is needed, the shipment will be delivered as promised. We offer our guaranteed time-critical service for any commodity and any type of delivery. This includes hazmat, residential, liftgate, volume or truckload, flatbed, temperature-controlled, white glove or weekend deliveries.

Q: What does it mean when a shipment is described as “expedited?”

A: “Expedited” is the term that describes moving a shipment faster than standard transit times. That includes reducing the number of days in transit and/or delivering earlier in the day than would normally be performed by the Estes delivering terminal. Expedited shipments can also be covered by Estes’ comprehensive guarantee.

Q: How do I set up an expedited shipment?

A: Setting up an expedited shipment is easy. Simply contact a time-critical shipping specialist by using My Estes, emailing timecritical@estes-express.com or calling 1-866-ESTES4U (1-866-378-3748) and press 2. Domestic shipments enjoy Estes’ “best-in-class” guaranteed service that includes on-time pickup, on-time and to-the-minute delivery as well as damage-free delivery and accurate invoicing.

Q: Can I get expedited service on shipments to international destinations?

A: Yes. We can provide expedited shipping solutions to virtually any destination in the world through Estes Forwarding Worldwide. Just call 1-866-ESTES4U (1-866-378-3748) and press 45 to get a quote from one of our specialists.

Q: Does Estes offer expedited service for volume and truckload shipments?

A: Yes, we offer expedited service on volume or truckload shipments as well as for LTL. You can get a guaranteed quote for either volume or truckload shipments through My Estes using our Volume and Truckload Rate Request, which will display several timing options. If you don’t see one that fits your needs, contact the time-critical team directly at timecritical@estes-express.com or call 1-800-645-3952.

Q: Can Estes’ time-critical service handle freight that’s oddly-shaped or difficult to move?

A: Yes, you can count on Estes to ship your oddly-shaped freight. We have the expertise and equipment to move even the most challenging freight safely and quickly. To get a rate or schedule a shipment, use the time critical quote retriever on My Estes, send an email to timecritical@estes-express.com or call 1-866-ESTES4U (1-866-378-3748) and press 2.

Q: Can I upgrade my in-transit shipment to receive expedited service?

A: Yes. Estes offers in-transit upgrades for shipments that suddenly become more urgent and need to reach their destination even sooner. To order an in-transit upgrade for a shipment, simply email timecritical@estes-express.com or call 1-866-ESTES4U (1-866-378-3748) and press 2.

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