Transit Times

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Q: How can I calculate transit times?

A: You can calculate the transit time between any two points in the U.S., Canada or Mexico with our convenient Transit Time Calculator. Just enter the origin and destination country, city, state and ZIP Code, and press the “Submit” button.

(If you don't know your origin and/or destination ZIP Codes, don’t worry—you’ll see a list of ZIP Code options when you input your city and state.)

Q: Can I view an Estes transit time map online?

A: Yes. You can access printable PDF versions of Estes’ transit time maps on our website. To see the transit time map for your area, just find your local terminal using our Points Lookup tool. Then, select a link to view either a Next Day Coverage Area Map or a full North American Transit Map.

Q: My freight requires protection from freezing; will transit time service standards apply?

A: No, service calculations are suspended on shipments that may require keep-from-freezing service. See Item 809 in our Rules Tariff.

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