Q: What’s the difference between a volume load and a truckload?

A: A shipment that weighs at least 5,000 pounds or occupies at least eight feet of the trailer is considered a volume load. A shipment that weighs up to 45,000 pounds, or one in which the freight consumes at least 48 linear feet of the trailer qualifies as a truckload.

Q: What is a spot quote?

A: A spot quote is an estimate given at a discounted rate based on current market conditions on the day it was quoted. Spot quote rates are generally good for a limited number of days. The quote doesn’t usually include any accessorial charges unless they’re specified when the quote was requested.

Q: How long is a volume quote good for?

A: When you receive a volume quote from Estes, you will receive a volume quote number that can be used as many times as desired for a 30-day period, provided the shipment specifications are identical.

Q: What’s the difference between a published rate and a spot quote?

A: Published rates are consistent for repeat shipments to the same market, and spot quotes are based on current market conditions. If you have an established contract or published rates for a specific shipping lane, a spot quote cannot apply.

Q: Once I have a quote number for a confirmed rate, how do I make sure that’s the rate used for my shipment?

A: Be sure to write the seven-digit quote number for your confirmed rate on the BOL for your shipment. This associates the freight with the rate and helps prevent billing errors down the road.

Q: Are accessorial charges included in the rate I get for a volume or truckload?

A: Only accessorial charges requested at the time of the VTL quote request are included. Contractually negotiated accessorials do not apply to spot rates. Services requested on the BOL, but not included in the VTL quote request will result in additional charges on your freight bill.

Q: Are there transit-time guarantees for volume and truckload rates?

A: If you want to guarantee an exact pickup or arrival date or time for your volume or truckload shipment, email your shipment information to The rate you receive through the volume and truckload rate application will not include any guarantees.

Q: What information is required to get a volume or truckload rate?

A: You’ll need to supply your contact information, the origin and destination cities/states, shipment specifications (pieces, skids, full truckload), your account number, commodity description, whether the delivery is to a food warehouse or distribution center, whether the shipment requires unloading or loading assistance and any unusual service requirements.

Q: Is contract pricing available for volume or truckload shipments, including for any guaranteed shipments?

A: Yes. Discuss any contract or tariff publication needs with your Estes sales representative.

Q: Does Estes provide volume and truckload service for reefer and flatbed loads?

A: Estes provides a full range of alternative equipment services. For guaranteed services, email your shipment information to For brokerage requests, simply request a quote through our volume and truckload rate request system.