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General Questions

Q. What is SOAP?

A: SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It’s a standard protocol for exchanging data with web services.

Q. What is XML?

A: XML stands for extensible markup language. XML is the language used to define the data exchanged between parties using a web service.

Q. What Web Services does Estes offer?

A: Estes now offers bill of lading (SOAP), image retrieval (SOAP), pickup request (SOAP), LTL rate quotations (SOAP), shipment tracking (SOAP) and transit times (SOAP). However, we’re very interested in offering other web services. Please contact our Technical Solutions Department for technical questions and suggestions.

Q. Does Estes provide code samples?

A: Estes does not provide code samples. However, you can find sample requests and responses for SOAP web services on the web services information page.

Q. Where can I find the syntax for my request?

A: Visit our web services information page for helpful information.

Q: Are all passwords "secured" or is there a differentiation between standard and secured usernames?

A: All web services require a valid My Estes user and password. Go the the My Estes signup form to apply.

Image Viewing

Q: How do I tell which BOL an individual <SHIPMENT> node belongs to?

A: The BOL number should always appear when associated with a PRO number.

Q: Is there a standard length for the <WEIGHT> and <PIECES> node values in the query string?

A: Yes. The weight node has a maximum of 8 digits and the pieces node has a maximum of 6 digits.

Pickup Request

Q: There’s no response in the SOAP UI or the web service client. What should I do?

A: Be sure to set the preemptive authentication.

Q: Where can I find the authentication information?

A: Pass the My Estes username and password in the HTTP header.

Rate Quote

Q: What are service level IDs and how should I use them?

A: A service level ID will be included with each service level option returned. The ID should be used to programmatically check if a service level option was returned in the response and should not be used for display purposes. The text name: <rat:text/>, should only be used for display purposes because Estes may need to adjust the names service levels in the future. Please visit the Rate Quote 4.0 Web Service documentation for more information.

Service Level ID Text
92 Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Standard
93 Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Economy
94 Volume and Truckload Basic
95 Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit: 10AM
96 Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit: 12PM
97 Guaranteed Exclusive Use
98 Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit: 5PM
99 LTL Standard Transit

Q: What do the error codes mean in the SOAP fault response?

A: Error codes are for reference only. All codes are associated with specific error messages. Both the code and message text are included when an error occurs.

Q: Is there a way to specify a number of pallets for situations where all products are palletized and pallet rates may apply?

A: Our web service doesn't currently offer this functionality; however, if you need pallet rates, please contact your account manager.

Q: Are the origin and destination ZIP codes limited to U.S. ZIP codes?

A: ZIP Codes provided within the U.S., Canada and Mexico are currently supported.

Q: How do I get a time-critical rate?

A: When you submit an LTL rate request, you will automatically receive time-critical options. For additional options, use our Time Critical Rate Quote tool in My Estes, send an email to timecritical@estes-express.com or call the time-critical team at 1-800-645-3952. If you’re not a My Estes user, sign up today for account-specific convenience in a secure environment.

Shipment Tracking

Q: In the response, what is movement history?

A: Movement history is not yet active. When implemented, it will show the shipment's movement from origin to destination.

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