Guaranteed Delivery Assurance

There are times when you need that extra level of precision, and our guaranteed delivery options are what to use when those situations come up.

Our guaranteed services feature:
  • Expansive guaranteed service area throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • Multiple levels of LTL as well as volume and truckload guaranteed services to meet any need
  • Guaranteed in-transit upgrades
  • Automatic quotes through My Estes
  • Rapid-response scheduling for custom requests
  • Dedicated time-critical representatives who work closely with you
  • Constant monitoring and tracking of shipments
Choose an LTL Guaranteed Service Level that Fits Your Need
Option Description
10 AM Standard Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit by 10 AM
12 PM Standard Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit by 12 noon
5 PM Standard Guaranteed LTL Standard Transit by the end of normal business hours (5 PM)
Delivery guaranteed based on the unique needs of your shipment (a cost-effective alternative to airfreight)
Exclusive Use The fastest, most reliable and most secure option

Choose a Volume or Truckload Guaranteed Service Level that Fits Your Need
Option Description
Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Standard The fastest non-customized option that delivers on the standard LTL transit day with a by-5 PM guarantee
Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Economy Delivery on the standard LTL transit plus one day with a by-5 PM guarantee
Guaranteed Exclusive Use The fastest, most reliable and most secure option

Using Estes' Time-Critical Services
  1. Get a rate quote
    • Request any time-critical rate through My Estes. Most options will rate automatically. If the automatic options don’t meet your needs, hit Contact Us. Your information will be transmitted to the service team, and someone will get back with you quickly.
    • Email, and someone will contact you very quickly to develop your quote.
    • Call the time-critical team directly at 1-800-645-3952.
  2. Arrange a pickup by calling your local terminal if you are a Time-Critical Guaranteed Select customer (see below) or by calling 1-800-645-3952 if you have not yet set up your Select account.
  3. Write or type the service requested and the request or quote number in the Special Instructions section. (You can also affix a Time-Critical Guaranteed Select sticker to the BOL and write in the request number in the space provided.)
  4. Sign and scan/email any required agreement back to the time-critical team.
Streamline with a Time-Critical Guaranteed Select Account

There are many advantages to signing up for a Time-Critical Guaranteed Select account:

  • With a Select account, you have the convenience of shipping standard transit guaranteed by 5 PM without the hassle of signing rate agreements. Just call the local terminal for your pickup.
  • You receive a supply of time-critical guaranteed BOL stickers to indicate the level of service and request/quote number on the Bill of Lading.

A Time-Critical Guaranteed Select account is not required to utilize our guarantee services, but it greatly streamlines the administrative procedures. To set up a Time-Critical Guaranteed Select account, contact your Estes account manager.

Extra Care and Shipment Visibility from Origin to Destination

All time-critical guaranteed shipments are clearly marked and given preferential treatment every step of the way. They’re loaded on the first truck leaving out of each terminal, and they’re the very last freight loaded on those line-haul trailers so they'll be the first freight unloaded at the point of destination for faster delivery. The entire Estes operational team is responsible for above-and-beyond quality control related to every guaranteed shipment, so you can be assured that your time-sensitive freight will arrive safely and on time.

Shipments guaranteed to arrive on the standard transit day can be tracked online or through the automatic phone-tracking tool using your PRO number (call 1-866-ESTES4U (1-866-378-3748) and press 131). For all other time-critical shipments, call 1-800-645-3952 to reach a time-critical representative.

Contact Us
Phone: 1-866-ESTES4U (Option 2)
Fax: (352) 567-4116
Service You Can Count On
  • Extensive coverage
  • A modern, well-maintained fleet
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Friendly, highly skilled professionals
  • An extremely low claims ratio
  • Industry-wide reputation for excellence