Guaranteed Service to Canada

Whether your freight is bound for Vancouver, Montreal or somewhere in between, our Canada guaranteed specialists are ready with rapid-response scheduling and price quotes. We have the practical know-how for getting your freight to its destination—right when it needs to get there.

Peace of Mind

We understand that in business, delays mean dollars. That’s why all along the way, Canada guaranteed freight receives personal attention from our dedicated team to help ensure on-time, damage-free transport. Moreover, it’s loaded in the tail of the trailer for last-on-first-off access and delivery to the destination.

Comprehensive Service to and from Canada

  • Best-in-class guarantee for damage-free, on-time shipments
  • Knowledgeable NAFTA professionals for facilitating border crossing
  • One PRO all the way, door to door
  • Extensive North American distribution system
  • Service to and from even the most remote areas of Canada

Contact Us

To request a Canada guaranteed quote, please select one of our Canadian Time Critical accessorial options on our LTL Rate Quote page. Ready to get your freight moving? Click here to download the necessary Canada shipping forms from the Forms Library.

Contact Us
Phone: 1-866-ESTES4U (Option 2)
Fax: (352) 567-4116
Service You Can Count On
  • Extensive coverage
  • A modern, well-maintained fleet
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Friendly, highly skilled professionals
  • An extremely low claims ratio
  • Industry-wide reputation for excellence