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Engineering a successful rollout takes a specialized skill set, which is why Estes has a dedicated team of seasoned professionals that focuses exclusively on rollouts and supply chain projects. This specialized team provides the higher level of expertise, planning, coordination, management and communication that these projects require.


Rollout Definition
A rollout project is a breed apart in the LTL world. A typical rollout may look like this:

  • Higher-than-normal volumes
  • Often new lanes and distribution patterns
  • Generally well-defined delivery windows
  • A higher level of services such as time critical, retail delivery or white glove

Guaranteed Timing
The bottom line for product rollouts is getting your inventory to the right place at the right time—in the most efficient manner and in good condition. Since rollouts are highly service-sensitive, we also offer guaranteed options that help by adding an extra layer of attention that includes:

  • A laser focus on shipment tracking and on-time delivery
  • A higher priority and extra care for loading/unloading
  • Careful flagging and close tracking and monitoring every step of the way

Planning Process
From the onset, we work to understand your expectations and those of your customers. Armed with that information—and mindful of any special requirements for equipment or service—we establish a schedule and a load plan.

Our Rollouts group takes into account every detail. We anticipate all potential missteps and develop contingency plans to avoid them. And communications are carefully maintained during the life of the project to provide constant visibility.

Thorough planning and communication help reduce risk in many ways:

  • Constant shipping tracking allows us to identify potential problems before they create actual problems.
  • Thorough BOL management ensures that shipments are shipped and invoiced correctly, saving time and reducing the risk of lost or late shipments or billing problems.
  • Load plans instruct shippers on how to load trailers in the right order, reducing excessive handling and the potential for damage.
  • Our asset-based operations give us much greater control and flexibility; we’re not relying solely on the availability of someone else’s equipment and personnel.
  • If we do reach maximum equipment or personnel capacity, however, we have the ability to work with a large stable of carefully vetted vendor carriers to stay on schedule.

Continual Improvement
At the end of each rollout, we ask you to evaluate our performance. So with every project, we find ways to make our service even better.


Rollouts and Supply Chain Projects Contact Information

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