Special Services

When you need solutions for a particular custom freight transportation requirement, Estes can help. Select a service from the list below to learn more about how our services can benefit your business.


Crating and Packaging
We can create custom or standard packing, packaging and crating solutions to help reduce potential damage to your freight.

Custom Delivery
Beyond the typical delivery, we can arrange time- or date-specific service, special handling or special-location accommodations based on your specific needs.

Dedicated Delivery
Dedicated delivery options are available for both commercial and residential needs and can include retail, store-to-door, jobsite and business-to-business delivery services. We can also accommodate your unique driver or fleet requirements to support your company's marketing and branding efforts.

Exhibit Services
Through our subsidiary, Estes Forwarding Worldwide, we offer a single-source transportation solution for shippers of exhibit and tradeshow materials. Features include a 24/7 dedicated call center, proactive shipment monitoring, in-transit adjustments and on-site show management (unpacking, setup, electrical/audio-visual support and repacking coordination) before, during and after the event.

Estes is an approved carrier for the Department of Defense, FEMA and the General Services Administration (GSA). We’re also one of the first major LTL carriers in the nation to comply with the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) safety requirements for making freight deliveries to outbound commercial or cargo aircraft.

Hazmat and Special Permits
Estes will take care of any permits required for extra heavy, tall or wide freight, in addition to special permits related to special routes, hazardous materials or dangerous goods.

Household Goods Moving
We provide do-it-yourself household goods moving services through our Estes SureMove division. An Estes driver drops a trailer for three days at a current residence or place of business allowing customers to load their household or office goods. Estes picks up the trailer and delivers it to the new home or place of business where the customer has three days to unload.

2-Person or Multiple-Person
We provide multi-person delivery teams for bulky or heavy freight delivered to businesses or residential areas.

Pick and Pack
We can also assemble orders by selecting appropriate goods from stored merchandise, and then pack, palletize and arrange it for shipping–all based on your specifications.

Prohibitive Freight
We provide transport for freight of unusual size, weight or other characteristics that prohibit it from being shipped by normal means.

Quality Inspections
Estes also offers on-site packaging and loading inspections to make sure your freight is optimally protected. And if we detect flaws that will contribute to damage, we can correct them and help avoid claims down the road.

Residential or Business Delivery
Deliveries at a business or place of residence can include white-glove services for inside delivery, unpacking, setup, debris removal and more.

Secured Dividers
Have a volume shipment that’s particularly important or prone to damage and shortage? With our Secured Divider service, your freight receives a higher level of protection because it’s loaded in the trailer’s nose and remains separate from all other cargo until it reaches the destination. For details, CLICK HERE.

Security/Escort Services (Armed or Unarmed)
Security can include either ride-along escorts or separate escort vehicles manned by security-cleared, licensed personnel who maintain constant surveillance of the cargo vehicle.

Sort and Segregate
We can also sort and segregate by marks, brands, sizes, flavors or other distinguishing characteristics to separate batch-picked merchandise for shipping to various retail stores.

Special Equipment
Estes employs a variety of special equipment to accommodate specific freight needs, including temperature-controlled or soft-sided trailers, air rides, flatbeds, Conestogas (flatbed trailers with sliding tarp systems), intermodal transport and trucks with forklifts.

Temporary Storage
We can temporarily store trailers (ours or yours) on a lot or in a warehouse, and then deliver the load to a final destination at a specified time.

When your retail or other merchandise requires pre-ticketing, re-ticketing or ticket removal, we can take care of it.

White Glove/Final Mile
Our additional services for final distribution can include inside delivery at a business or residence, uncrating, assembly, setup and packaging removal.
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