Time-Critical Guaranteed Delivery Window Solutions

Our time-critical guaranteed solutions cover virtually anywhere in the U.S. and Canada — even within specific delivery windows. They can also help you avoid costly contractual fines and charge-backs from some retailers for early or late delivery of freight.

Our options include:
  • MABD (Must Arrive By Date) – Delivery within a specified window before the MABD date. This solution is designed to meet retailer-driven delivery specifications.

  • MDDW (Multi-Day Delivery Window) – Delivery of a shipment within a specified number of days.

  • NSNL (No Sooner No Later) – Our solution for date-specific delivery of freight. NSNL shipments can’t arrive a day earlier or later than requested, which is valuable for customers with tight time restrictions.

    NOTE: If used with our standard transit guaranteed service, we require adequate time for the shipment to move from the origin to destination based on our standard transit schedule. You must purchase an expedited solution if the shipment requires service faster than standard transit. Also, NSNL shipments cannot be delivered on a standing appointment (such as at the retailer’s distribution center) unless it is the requested due date.

  • OTIF (On Time In Full) – Shipment delivery when and how the retailer needs it to optimize their delivery flow.

Contact the Time-Critical Team

Estes has you covered with time-critical guaranteed delivery window solutions. For questions or to start, call your local terminal. Or, call the Time-Critical team at 800-645-3952 or email timecritical@estes-express.com.

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