General Service Information

The Pickup Request service provides the functionality for Estes customers to manage a freight pickup with operations available for creating, updating, canceling and viewing pickup information.


Information about the pickup request service can be provided by the Estes sales support team. E-mail address:


The following WSDL URIs should be used to access the web service. In order to use the test web service, the test My Estes account must be enabled in the Estes test environment so that authentication will work. To enable your My Estes test account, reach out to

WSDL Production


Service Operations

Estes customers with a valid My Estes account can access the following pickup web service operations:

Each operation can be invoked by Estes customers with a valid My Estes account.

Testing with SoapUI

When using SoapUI for testing purposes, specify the My Estes username and password as basic in the Auth tab. SoapUI version 5 (and newer versions) defaults to preemptive authentication in the global preferences. If you’re using an older version or if you’ve modified your global preferences, make sure that SoapUI authenticates preemptively.

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