Rate Quote Web Services Overview

The Rate Quote web service provides the functionality for Estes’ customers to obtain a set of rate quotes for a shipment.

Rate Quote Web Service v4.0

In addition to returning LTL, time-critical and exclusive use quote options, this version of the Rate Quote Web Service may return the following volume and truckload quote options in the response:

  • Volume and Truckload Basic
  • Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Economy
  • Guaranteed Volume and Truckload Standard

Please visit Rates FAQs page to learn more about the different quote options you may receive.

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Rate Quote Web Service 3.0 and 2.2

Warning! These web service versions will be deprecated in the future. Please use, or upgrade to Rate Quote Web Service v4.0.

Technical Support

Information about the rate quote service can be provided by Estes’ web support team. E-mail address: salessupport@estes-express.com