Rate Quote Web Service v3.0

Warning! This web service version will be deprecated in the future. Please use, or upgrade to Rate Quote Web Service v4.0.


Updated Quote Options

This version of the Rate Quote Web Service will only return a single quote option. The response will contain the lowest rated service that meets the needs of your shipment. The returned quote will either be LTL Standard, Volume and Truckload Basic, or Exclusive Use. To receive all of our options that meet your shipment request we recommend migrating to our Rate Quote Web Service 4.0 edition.

Please visit the Rates FAQs page to learn more about the different quote options you may receive.

Accessorial Rates Update

The type and/or cost of accessorials offered can differ based on the chosen service. So, it is important to make sure that the web service response for accessorials is included for each service level.

Sort and Segregate Addition

Sort and segregate is a service that is subject to additional charges as per the Estes 105 Rules Series Tariff, Item 886. The Rate Quote Web Service will not include a sort and segregate rating option. Please call us for any volume and truckload shipments requiring this service at 1-866-378-3748, Press 3. If you need sort and segregate services for your shipments, please contact your local terminal.

Rate Quote Web Service Input Options

Technical Details
Technical Specifications

Quality of Service

The service should be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the service may not be available during planned outages.

Technical Support

Please email the Estes Express Sales Support Team for web service information or support: salessupport@estes-express.com.