Shipment Tracking Web Services Overview

The Shipment Tracking web service provides the functionality for Estes customers to retrieve status information about a shipment.

Shipment Tracking Web Service v1.1

This version of the Shipment Tracking Web Service includes the following improvements:

  • Event Time Stamp — Each shipment, returned by the trackShipments output, includes an eventTimeStamp for the current status of the shipment.
  • Party To Results Indicator — You can choose to return only shipments that you are a party to or all shipments that you are party to plus those that you are not a party to in our system. Visit the Service Information page to learn more about the search/onlyPartyToResultsInd field.

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Shipment Tracking Web Service v1.0

Warning! This web service version will be deprecated in the future. Please use, or upgrade to Shipment Tracking Web Service v1.1.

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Technical Support

Information about the Shipment Tracking web service can be provided by the Estes Sales Support team. Email address: