Track Shipments

This web service operation allows an Estes customer to submit a request to track the current status of an Estes shipment.


The Shipment Tracking web service provides an interface to the pre-existing Shipment Tracking API utilized by the external Estes website. All business rules related to tracking of a shipment are applied to web service shipment tracking requests just as they are for the website.

Service Operation

trackShipments – Submit a request to track the current status of an Estes shipment

Communication Pattern

Request/Reply(This is a communication pattern in which the service requester sends a request to the service provider. The service provider processes the request and sends a reply back to the requester. This is an on-time operation, meaning that there are no (long) time intervals between sending the request, the processing of the request and sending the reply.)

  1. A requester must have a valid My Estes user account and that account must have the appropriate privileges to call the shipment tracking web service.
  2. Minimal information required to retrieve the shipment status must be provided in the SOAP request to prevent the service from responding with errors.
  1. The shipment tracking request responds with information regarding the status of the specific shipment.
  2. Business validation errors are returned with a description for each.

A valid shipment-identifying number is required.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:ship="" xmlns:ship1="">
         <!--You have a CHOICE of the next 5 items at this level-->

The operation will respond with the following format if the shipment information has been retrieved from the Estes Shipment Tracking system.

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <ship:trackingInfo xmlns:ship="">
                  <ship:status>Customer requested appointment</ship:status>
                  <ship:name>S K F USA INCORPORATED</ship:name>
                     <ship:line1>1536 GENESIS ROAD</ship:line1>
                  <ship:name>CATERPILLAR INC</ship:name>
                     <ship:line1>2800 E CEDAR HILLS DR</ship:line1>
                     <ship:line1>2150 North Main Street</ship:line1>
                  <ship:message>Reported delivery time is subject to change based upon verification.</ship:message>
Error message response

If the user is not authorized to the web service authentication will fail. If the username and password provided is not from a valid and active My Estes profile then authentication will fail.

In the event that a business validation rule is violated, an error description will be returned to the user in the following format:

            <ship:generalError xmlns:ship="">
               <ship:error>Shipment tracking failed - Invalid PRO number.</ship:error>